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Li Pai Taijiquan


This Taijiquan method reflects an extreme focus on effectiveness (both in martial and health aspects).
The result is a style with a very ancient, pure, and simple flavor, in which one can trace all the wisdom of past generations.
Zhang Shaotang lineage (current custodian of the style)
The courses are led by Shifu Zanetti and/or qualified instructors from our association.

  • Each level corresponds to several monothematic Modules for teaching Theory, Taolu, Applications.
  • You can enroll in any module (even more than one), but staying within your own level.
  • Upon completing a level, it is essential to participate in the in-person Seminar and the scheduled exam.
  • If you are unable to attend the Seminar, you can request another form of in-person participation.
  • You can temporarily or permanently suspend the training path at any time.
  • The issuance of Teacher Diplomas follows the acquired knowledge.
  • Videos of all modules are available in the restricted area for reviewing lessons at any time.
  • Master Zanetti's books on the theory of the practiced disciplines are available.
  • All Course Participants can also discuss various topics on the WhatsApp Course Chat.
  • For further information, please contact us.

1 Enrollment in the Training Course, attaching a photo to the side form.
2 Filling out our "evaluation form" for initial level assignment.
3 Enrollment in the Course Module(s) you wish to participate in.
4 Payment of the selected module fees.
5 Inclusion on the Association's website ( as a Trainee Teacher.
6 Inclusion in the level-specific WhatsApp Chat to interact with the Teacher and other students.
7 Participation in Course modules on "Zoom," with the possibility to review lessons in the Restricted Area.
8 Possibility to purchase educational books by Master Zanetti on Chinese theory, philosophy, and culture.
9 Mandatory participation in one in-person event per year (Seminar, workshop, private lesson).
10 Level assessments through student videos, with the issuance of an annual validity Diploma.
11 Continuation of the training path, starting from Point 3.

Pre-Registration or Info

Active Online Courses

You can enroll in any module (even more than one), but stay within your own level.
If a lesson has already taken place, it will be possible to recover it later.