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"Kungfu, Taijiquan, traditional Qigong, effective and of a high standard, accessible EVERYWHERE and for ANYONE".

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Hung Gar

Tang Tungwing lineage


Devastating & ferocious

Extremely powerful

Tiger and Crane

For strong men or for those who want to become stronger




All the techniques with their variations, explained in detail, for a more specific use.



Conditioning of the body with Yin and Yang exercises, such as the "iron body".



Fast and powerful martial applications with increased effectiveness in a real situation.


We are the authorized representatives for Italy of GM° Tang Tungwing, disciple of GM° Tang Kwookwah.
Master Tang's research effort aims to safe keep the traditional style.
The style is among the most powerful kungfu methods of Southern China, particularly famous for its devastating arm techniques.
BECAUSE only through continuous teaching with Great Masters you can truly learn a traditional style.
BECAUSE the TRUE knowledge is not improvised.


Hung Gar kyun wai koeng zong jan waak jyun sing koeng zong jan dik kyun paai
Hung Gar is a style for strong men or for those who want to become stronger.


Zi jau gung fu san tit cyu mo zam zam
As a Chinese proverb says, "only with hard work of the body can one grind an iron rod into a needle".

Like a Tiger leaping on its prey !

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Style program

  • 梅花拳 Mui Fa Kyun
  • 劉家拳 Lau Gar Kyun
  • 箭掌 Zin Jeong
  • 工字伏虎拳 Gung Zi Fuk Fu Kyun
  • 蝴蝶拳 Wu Dip Kyun
  • 虎鶴雙形拳 Fu Hok Seung Jing Kyun
  • 崩步螳螂 Bong Bo Tonglong Kyun
  • 十形拳 Sup Jing Kyun
  • 鐵線拳 Tit Sin Kuen
  • 雙頭棍 Seung Tau Gwan
  • 劉家棍 Lau Gar Gwan
  • 子母雙刀 Zi Mou Seung Dou
  • 双匕首 Seung Bei Sau
  • 八卦单刀 Baat Gwaa Darn Dou
  • 朴刀 Pok Dou
  • 史家槍 Se Gar Cheung
  • 昆侖劍 Kwan Leon Gim
  • 梅花雙龍刀 Mui Fa Seung Lung Dou
  • 搖家大巴 Yu Gar Dai Baa
  • 関刀 Kwan Dou
  • 五郎八卦棍 Ng Lung Baat Gwa Gwan
  • 三节鞭 Sam Jie Bin
  • 虎鶴雙形對練 Fu Hok Seung Jing Doy Lin
  • 單刀對槍 Darn Dou Doy Cheong
  • 八卦棍對練 Baat Gwa Gwan Doy Lin
  • 蝴蝶對棍 Wu Dip Doy Gwan
  • 蝴蝶對拳 Wu Dip Doy Kyun
  • 蝴蝶對槍 Wu Dip Doy Cheong
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