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A teaching training tailored to YOUR needs !

Learning has never been so easy !

Learning is an experience; everything else is just information.
It's what we think we already know that prevents us from truly learning.

Training Courses

A training course is an excellent opportunity to learn in a flexible manner, especially if you don't have access to a serious and well-prepared school.
Our online Kung Fu or Taijiquan courses follow a clear and gradual educational structure, starting from basic principles and progressing towards more advanced levels, comprehensively covering the key aspects necessary to become a competent instructor.

  • Flexibility:
    Access lessons according to your schedule.
  • Accessibility:
    Access from all around the world, eliminating the travel.
  • Options:
    Choose topics and levels based on your needs.
  • Reduced Costs:
    Cut down costs by eliminating transportation and accommodation expenses.
  • Rhythm:
    Delve into subjects or accelerate through different lessons.
  • Online Community:
    Interact with instructors and fellow students.
  • Multimedia Learning:
    Learn through videos, written guides, chats, etc.
Our Branch in the World


Barcelona - Spain

Cysoing - France

La Valetta - Malta

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Devon - USA

Long Beach - USA

São Paulo - Brazil

The ability to learn is a gift, the ability to learn well is a talent, the willingness to learn is a choice.

  • Online Training:
    Monothematic teaching modules on Zoom
    Course videos always available in the Reserved Area
    Teaching books
    Direct chat with the Instructors
  • In-Person Training:
    Teacher courses in various Countries
    Yearly Summer Camp in a beautiful location
    Workshops & Seminars worldwide
    Private lessons with certified Instructors

Both methods are fully integrated and supported by theoretical style books, for precise, rigorous, and effective teaching !

Kungfu - Taijiquan - Qigong

Extraordinary, unique, effective, and rare styles from the Chinese tradition.
Our support for YOUR passion!


Fifty years of continuous study with Great Chinese Masters, accessible to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.
Join our Association and become a representative of Famous Chinese Masters !

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Qixing Tanglangquan

Lin Dongzhu Lineage
Seven Stars Praying Mantis style
"Orthodox" method of Lin family
Card image cap

Hung Gar

Tang Tungwing Lineage
Tigere & Crane style
Lam family Method
Card image cap

Duan Bing

Longzhao Method
Short weapon combat sports
Longzhao Association "integrated" Method
Card image cap

Li Pai Taijiquan

Zhang Shaotang Lineage
The rare Taijiquan of Li school
"Orthodox" Method of Li school
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Chen Taijiquan

Wang Xi'An Lineage
Taijiquan of Chen family
"Integrated" method of GM° Wang Xi'An
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Longzhao Method
Work of energy Qi
Traditional & modern Longzhao methods