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Short Weapon Combat Sports

短兵 Duan Bing
Short Weapon Combat Sports

Duan Bing 短兵 is a sport discipline for short weapon combat, derived from the ancient Chinese art of the sword.
Originating around the 1930s, this discipline represents the sport version of classical Chinese fencing and is classified under traditional Wushu as a competition program.
It is practiced with total safety through the use of appropriate protective equipment: a weapon made of soft plastic material, a full-face helmet with an iron visor, a breastplate, shoulder pads, gloves, a protective skirt, and shin guards that cover the knee joint to protect it from strikes.

Duan Bing was formally created in 1927 by General Zhang Zhijiang and other famous figures in the Chinese martial arts community of that time, as part of a broad program aimed at preserving and developing "national arts" (Guoshu 国术) to protect and promote national traditions and strengthen the physical and mental well-being of citizens through martial activities.
Within this project, Duan Bing, along with other related disciplines, was developed as a sport competition program involving short weapons and was the subject of studies and publications for at least a decade. In 1928, Duan Bing was formally introduced during the first "National Martial Arts Examination."
It cannot be denied that the creation of Duan Bing was heavily inspired by Japanese Kendo.
However, due to the strong aversion of the Chinese people towards the Japanese at that time, the developers of Duan Bing wanted to clearly distinguish this discipline from that of their Japanese counterparts.
They believed that a national art should fully reflect the characteristics of Chinese martial arts and the spirit of ancient Chinese martial culture.
Initially, this discipline was called Jijian 击剑 (meaning "fencing") to emphasize its close connection with the ancient Chinese way of the sword.
The term "Jijian" was used in one of the early fundamental texts of this discipline, the "Rules of National Martial Arts," which were promulgated at the National Games in 1931.
In 1931, the "Regulations of the National Martial Arts Competition" were published, and its fourth chapter, "Details of Jijian Rules," was dedicated to weapon combat.
The second "National Examination" in 1933 was mainly conducted in accordance with the "Guoshu Examination Regulations" and the "Guoshu Competition Regulations," with Duan Bing being one of the official events of the competition.
After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, national sports received significant attention from the new government.
In 1953, the "National Conference on Ethnic Sports Performances and Competitions" was held in Tianjin, and Duan Bing was one of the official events.
In the late 1990s, Professor Ma Mingda, a respected and famous martial artist, dedicated himself to reexamining the results of the "national martial arts" experiment from the 1930s.
He analyzed and recovered the treasures of traditional martial arts, aiming to revive ancient knowledge, propose new ideas, renew ancient Chinese martial arts, and establish a modern competition system.
Under his guidance, Jinan University and South China Normal University in Guangzhou became the first group of colleges and universities to engage in Duan Bing activities.
They not only established student clubs but also offered public courses.
Since 2017, the Chinese Jiangong Academy, led by Ma Lianzhen, has organized 7 national Duan Bing events and conducted national training courses for Duan Bing instructors in over 20 sessions.
The resurgence of Duan Bing quickly gained popularity, and the number of schools and associations grew exponentially, not only in China but also worldwide.
In 2022, twenty instructors from the "International Longzhao Association," led by Master Maurizio Zanetti, were certified by the Chinese Jiangong Academy in both Duan Bing (short weapon combat sports) and Chang Bing (long weapon combat sports).
Based on this, our association has developed the training program for Duan Bing and Chang Bing, and we have also translated the competition regulations into four languages.

Over 20 certified instructors from the Jian Gong Academy.
We are the first association in Italy to organize a structured Duan Bing Trophy.


You can learn Duan Bing by participating in our training program. .
And if you are an instructor, you can organize a "Training Seminar" in your city! !

Curriculum Program

  • Basics
  •     History, etiquette, sword handling,
        Stances, steps, rotations
  • Basic techniques
  •     Sword attacking techniques
        Sword defense techniques
  • Combination techniques and tactics
  •     Tactical methods: feints, invitations, strikes
        Attack combinations
        Defense and counterattack techniques
  • Competition rules
  •     Technical analysis of refereeing
        Referee gestures in the competition area