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Open the door of the Knowdledge !

Our Organisation Worldwide

The competence of our Association has its roots in continuous and constant research since 1976, under the guidance of four great Chinese masters, focusing on orthodox styles.
This has allowed us to acquire a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of Kungfu and Taijiquan, which is uncommon.



Barcelona - Spain

Cysoing - France

La Valetta - Malta

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Devon - Delaware USA

Long Beach - California USA

São Paulo - Brazil

List of our Locations

Lombardia San Donato Milanese - MI Il Tocco di Melitea 02.49662111
Veneto Noventa Vicentina - VI Scuola Long Xiao Noventa 320.7239770
Veneto Monselice - PD Scuola Long Xiao Monselice 333.2189934
Veneto Battaglia Terme - PD Scuola Long Xiao Battaglia 346.2116387
Veneto Cartura- PD Scuola Long Xiao Cartura 349.2647213
Emilia Romagna Bologna Scuola Sette Stelle Dodici Ponti 349.9502451
Emilia Romagna Imola - BO Scuola e Disciplina del kungfu 329.2179121
Emilia Romagna Faenza - BO Bai Yuan Kung Fu 324.0431320
Umbria Terni Scuola Longmen 342.8089899
Umbria Terni Accademia Shaolin Kungfu 320.2455584
Cysoing - Lille Ecole Le Cynabre Rouge
Barcelona Pakua Academy +34 933 82 49 75
. La Valletta Malta School of Wushu - Kung Fu TaiChi Qigong +356 7993 8769
United Arab Emirates
Dubai Kui Xing School +971 55 839 1041
United States of America
Devon - Delaware . +1 (202) 246-7524
Long Beach - California . +1 (661) 440-2256
São Paulo . +55 11 97698-5859

More and more teachers are joining our Organization.

Do it too !