Module Topic Type Method
DB021 Basic Steps and Footwork Tactics Fundamentals Online
DB022 Methods of Duǎn Bīng Attack Fundamentals Online
DB023 Methods of Duǎn Bīng Defense Fundamentals Online
DB02A Historical Origin of Duǎn Bīng Theory Online
DB02B Movement Characteristics, Equipment, Etiquette Theory Online

Module Topic Type Method
DB011 Techniques, Tactics, and Rules of Duǎn Bīng Competitions Applications Online
DB012 Combined Attack and Defensive Counterattack
Seminar (see events )
Applications Seminar
DB01A Evaluation of Practical Modules (in video) Exam Online

Upon completing this level, you will be included as an Instructor in the list of Chinese Duan Bing Instructors, categorized by country, for potential future competitions.