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"Kungfu, Taijiquan, traditional Qigong, effective and of a high standard, accessible EVERYWHERE and for ANYONE".

Start a fantastic journey with us !

Martial arts & chinese culture

Pioneers in the Western countries since 1976, we study and promote COMPLETE, EFFECTIVE, and ORTHODOX styles.
We represent Four Famous Chinese Masters in Europe.
BECAUSE REAL knowledge CANNOT be improvised !

Kungfu - Taijiquan - Qigong

Extraordinary, unique, effective, rare styles.
Really pearls of the chinese tradition, for YOUR passion.

Hung Gar

Devastating and ferocious.
Extremely powerful.
The power of the Tiger that leaping on its prey.
The speed of the Crane that evades attacks.

From 1976

International "Longzhao" Association

Improve YOUR knowledge !
Improve YOUR skills !
Improve YOUR well-being !

Culture & Philosophy

The TRUE understanding of the ART comes from the study of the Chinese philosophy & culture.

Chinese philosophy

Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism

The systematic philosophies started in China in the sixth century BC, during the "period of the Hundred Schools".
The four schools of philosophy .....

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Traditional medicine

An ancient practice

Born in the Yellow River basin, over 2500 years, it includes various forms of phytotherapy, acupuncture, massage, qigong .....

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Massage & Acupuncture

An integral part of the T.C.M.

Doctors of the Traditional Chinese Medicine fervently believe in the theory that the vital energy .....

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Chinese language courses

A language spoken by 1.5 billion people

The Chinese language has the great peculiarity of not having an alphabet, but being written with thousands of characters.
A language to know .....

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Many texts to consult

The texts on Chinese culture and martial styles can all be consulted by our Associates .....

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Study Trips in China

Moments to understand the Chinese culture

Being immersed into the Chinese culture Learning trips visiting our Chinese Masters, but also moments of sharing .....

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