Qualification System

The Gongfu is a serious and complex discipline, to become a Teacher takes time, study and dedication.
The training events of our Association are meant for all those who want to engage seriously in the study and teaching, to help spread the Gongfu and Taijiquan.
Our Instructors are carefully and all scrupulously trained, prepared both theoretically and technically, as well as educational.

All Association Teachers must have good moral character and to share the code of ethics of the Chinese martial arts.


The training method

Our exclusive teaching method is designed, unchanged, to preserve and continue the high quality of our teachers, to guarantee the seriousness and quality of our School, and honoring in this way our masters.
Our special education system has a structure of continuous assessment to ensure a high level of technical training, in-depth theoretical knowledge and precise practical training, thereby forming valid, very prepared Teachers.
The Association's training system for acquiring and maintaining the Technical Teacher Qualifications, is based on the system of credits,which measure the workload required by the student.
Each event is assigned a certain number of credits, which they estimate the effort required in relation to the number of hours of accumulated lessons.
Teachers of other schools and styles, who want to join our Association, should send their resumé, to be allocated entry level credits based on level of education, qualification and grade.
The path of becoming Technical Teachers of the Association, is based on three levels and nine degrees of teaching.
The credits are used for admission a exams of level occurs.


Initial level 初层 Chū céng
The initial level aims to provide students with adequate mastery of methods and general content and the acquisition of specific knowledge on the style practiced.

一级 1° Level (Copper Eagle)
Study and training of fundamental shapes.

二级 2° Level (Silver Eagle)
Completion and use of the forms.

三级 3° Level (Golden Eagle)
Develop the forms, use force.


Intermediate level 中层 Zhòng céng
The intermediate level is aimed with an advanced level training on the style and provide students with adequate mastery of Qi Procurement methods

四级 4° Level (Copper Tiger)
Borrow strength, collect Qi.

五级 5° Level (Silver Tiger)
Moving strength and put the Qì moving.

六级 6° Level (Golden Tiger)
Use of force and Qi.


Upper level 高层 Gao céng
The upper level has a target to the advanced level on the style training, and making sure that students get to combine technical and use of Qi in an instinctive manner.

七级 7° LEvel (Copper Dragon)
Moving the Qi freely, creating the situation.

八级 8° LEvel (Silver Dragon))
Getting the technique, achieving inspiration.

九级 9° LEvel (Golden Dragon)
Complete adaptability to arrive at the beginning.

In ancient texts it says "change is fighting, fghting is change; open is to maintain, maintain is it open; the fighter is as impermanent water, no fixed positions; the method is not fixed, but without method you can not fight”.


The Association's training program consists on specialized training events.
The training events are lectures or seminars on specific content, and are organized, planned and managed by Academic Institute for Teachers and the National Technical Coordinator.
You can acquire Training Credits through participation in the following events:

Training Events

You are not bound to a Teacher Training Course, but you can acquire Training Credits through participation in any event

Specialization courses

are supplementary courses consist of various teaching modules on specific topics.
Each modulo have a duration of 3 heures on specific argoments as Qigong, Baton, Tui Shou, ecc.


held by the International Technical Director, the National Technical Coordinator, of the Technical Commissions members.
Ogni seminario ha una durata di 6 ore.

Summer Camp

Three days, organized every year, a moment of collegiality within a structure to accommodate the participants. Usually this event is organized at the beautiful Medieval Castle of Albornoz in Narni, in the beautiful Umbrian setting.

Private Lessons

Individual Lessons that all teachers can apply to the National Technical Cordinator or the Technical Commissions members, the style program, or on specific topics . Each class will have a minimum duration of two hours.


As a support to the study of Gongfu and Taijiquan are available from the technical books of Shifu Maurizio Zanetti.

Shifu Maurizio Zanetti and the members of the Technical Commissions are willing to consider the opening of Academic Institute for Teachers or hold Seminars in any city, at the request of any Federation Teachers of any martial art who want to learn and spread with our Association the style that we teach .

The International Longzhao Gongfu Association invites all teachers, having their own school, if they wish to join and cooperate with us, in order to better study and disseminate the program of study of rare and particular style we practice.
We wish to remind you that opening other offices for Teacher’ Courses in other cities can be requested.

Whoever wants to learn seriously the Gongfu and Taijiquan, and be part of our big family, is always welcome .