""The one who knows others is wise; Those who know themselves is enlightened.
Whoever wins another is powerful; The one who wins himself is superior".

Lao Tze

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The International Longzhao Gongfu Association deals exclusively with the diffusion of the traditional styles, for over 42 years..
The Association has only teaching purposes, not does it any fee.
Many teachers are formed through our Association, and some devotes their lives to the study and research of Gongfu, with a lot of passion.
Today, these teachers are able to represent our Association, according to the principles of honesty and sincerity, focusing particularly on the interest of the Association.

Ru Men Di Zhi

Indoor Students of M° Maurizio Zanetti.

Qixing Tanglang

Seven Stars Praying Mantis style Teachers.

Taijiquan Teachers

Hung Gar

Tiger and Crane style Teachers. .


Teachers of the International Longzhao Gongfu Association constitute one "Big Family", and are divided into Master, Instructor, Coach.

All students of the Association shall be receiving a membership booklet ( free ), in which grades obtained, seminars which have taken part, etc. will be endorsed, constituting an "history" of one’s martial curriculum.
Our Association issues diplomas of qualification to all Qualified Teachers, giving them the flag of the Association.
The names of the Teachers recognized will also be published on the website of "International Longzhao Gongfu Association"..

All students of the International Longzhao Gongfu Association follow the Chinese grading system or "Duan Wei System". 
The students of Schools member of our Association wear the uniform of their School.

Whoever wants to learn seriously the Gongfu and Taijiquan, and be part of our big family, is always welcome.

Don’t worry, we will find together the best solution for your school.
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