International Longzhao Gongfu Association

Our Mission

The International Longzhao Gongfu Association deals exclusively with the diffusion of the traditional styles for over 42 years, a rare esperience.
Purposes of the School are to promote the traditional Chinese Kung Fu, and to give the possibility to all the martial-art enthusiasts to study the most famous and rare traditional styles in complete way (both from the technical and theoretical point of view)

The only European Organization that hosts every year 3 Great Chinese Masters.
Official representatives of styles with Lineage traceable and certified.
Famous traditional styles with clear and comprehensive programs.


Our Technical Areas


GM° Lin Dongzhu of Layang

Ortodox Seven Stars Praying Mantis (taught by GM° Lin Jingshan only within his family, to his nephew, GM° Lin Dongzhu), and spread in Europe only by Shifu Maurizio Zanetti (the only recognized European disciple).
In 2008, GM° Lin Dongzhu was the only Master to receive by the Chinese Government to appoint representative of the Orthodox Qixing Tanglangquan style, "Cultural Heritage Inviolable to the Chinese nation".


GM° Zhang Shaotang of Lanfang

Taijiquan of Li School, style extremely rare outside of China, and spread in Europe only by our Association.
Because of its closure, the style has remained unknown in the West, while maintaining fully the traditional teachings.
In 2014, the Li Pai Taijiquan style receive by the Chinese Government the appoint of Orthodox Taijiquan style, "Cultural Heritage Inviolable to the Chinese nation".


GM° Tang Tungwing of Hong Kong

TheTraditional Hung Gar (Tiger and Crane style).
Style based on the extreme power of his techniques, it has devastating blows .
The style teach by GM° Tang Tungwing is that of GM° Lam Zou.
The Chen Taijiquan is very suitable for the health and psychological well-being, he has maintained a martial spirit and studies the spiral movement and the emission of internal strength.
GM° Tang is Indoor student of GM° Wang Xi’An.


Our Association, founded in 1980, is already considered a point of reference for many aspiring Qigong professionals, and internationally recognized for its strict teachings, based on traditional methods, for a truly classical experience in Chinese traditions.
The courses for 'Qigong Operator' is open to everyone, and will help you develop, in addition to theoretical and cultural foundations of Qigong, the study and practice of the official sequence of the Chinese Health Qigong Association in Beijing, as well as various traditional sequences..

Training course for "Qigong Operators":
recognized by UISP


The GUIDE LINES of the School are:

  • Twelve Virtues
    • Loyalty, Pity, Humanity, Love, Sincerity, Integrity, Harmony, Peace, Wisdom, Morality, Modesty, Shame.
  • Five Respects
    • Respect for the Ancestors, Respect for the Teachers, Respect for the School, Respect for the Gym, Respectfor the Equipment
  • Five Quality
    • Respect, Humility, Sincerity, Perseverance, Diligence






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