Academic Institute for Teachers

The Academic Institute for Teachers are dedicated to the teaching of traditional styles as taught within families of Gongfu and Taijiquan in China.
The Academic Institute for Teachers are designed to train students interested in becoming Certified Instructors.
These courses offer a more detailed study program to the regular courses or seminarsof rhe Association.
The courses at the Academic Institute for Teachers includes both theoretical and practical parts, covering all teaching areas on the Taolu, theory, principles and history, martial applications, qigong. Academic Institute for Teachers are five appointments courses during the academic year, and they are required by Shifu Maurizio Zanetti and specialized Teachers of the Association. .


Date and location of Academic Institute for Teachers.


Classes will be held at the ASD Il Tocco di Melitea  via Jannozzi 40 - San Donato Milanese.


Classes will be held at the Palestra Scuola BRIOSCO in Via Lippi, 11 - Padova.


Classes will be held at the Palestra Sempre Avanti "Il Parco" in via Stalingrado 12 - Bologna.


Classes will be held at the Pala Tennis in Voc. La Romita 11 a Terni.

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Maurizio Zanetti

Master 8° Duan
Indoor student of:
GM° Lin Dongzhu
GM° Tang Tungwing
GM° Liu Jingru 
Student of GM° Kuang Haijun

Practice since 1976, among the pioneers in Europe, always with Chinese Grand Masters.
He was the youngest President of Italian Federation , elected at 26, and later among the 3 founders of Italian Wushu Kungfu Federation.
For several decades he held Federal positions as Member of Italian Commission and Italian Technical Director of traditional Kungfu and Taijiquan styles.
Currently it is:
Member of Italian Taijiquan Commission of F.I.Wu.K.
Member of European Federation of Taijiquan and Qigong
Councilor of chinese " Yantai Qixing Tanglangquan Association"
Representative for the Europe of the Masters Lin Dongzhu, Tang Tungwing, Kuang Haijun.

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Style's Program

Each style is studied separately, the practitioner will have to choose their area of study, and will be followed by an Assistant of the International Technical Director.

Seven Stars Praying Mantis (Orthodox method of Lin family)
of GM° Lin Dongzhu from Layang (grandson of GM° Lin Jingshan)

Level A1: Fundamentals, Chā Chuí, Tánglángquán Wu Shǒu, Rǒu Shǒu Gōng, Baduanjin
Level A2: Bēng Bù, Pāi Àn, Tiē Shēn Kào Dǎ Gōng, Yijingjin
Level A3: Làn Jié, Bái Yuán Tōu Táo, Tiē Shēn Kào Dǎ Gōng
Level B1: Bái Yuán Tōu Táo, Yān Qīng Dāo, Sān Huí Jiǔ Zhuàn Pái Dǎ Gōng
Level B2: Bái Yuán Chū Dòng, Liùhé Gùn
Level B3: Bái Yuán Chū Dòng, Liùhé Gùn, Wuxingqi
Level C1: Yī Lù Zhāiyào, Liùhé Gùn, Shíbā Lóhàn Gōng
Livello C2: Yī Lù Zhāiyào, Táohuā Sǎn Duì Dǎ, Shíbā Lóhàn Gōng
Livello C3: Bā Zhǒu
Completion of Style: Other Taolu and Dui Lian bare-handed and with weapons of style.

洪家拳   HUNG GAR
Tiger and Crane Style (Method of Lam family)
of GM° Tang Tungwing di Hong Kong ( Tang KwokWah lineage )

Level A1: Fundamentals, Zou Hap Dung Zok, Mui Fa Kyun, Lau Gar Kyun, Doy Lin, Baat Dyun Gam
Level A2: Gung Zi Fuk Fu Kyun, Tit San Kaau Daa Gung, Jik Gan Ging
Level A3: Wu Dip Kyun, Seung Bei Sau, Tit San Kaau Daa Gung, Jik Gan Ging
Level B1: Seung Tau Gwan, Sam Wui Gau Zyun Paai Daa Gung
Level B2: Zin Jeong, Ng Kam Hei
Level B3: Bong Bo Tonglong Kyun
Level C1: Lau Gar Gwan
Level C2: Fu Hok Seung Jing Kyun
Level C3: Baat Gwaa Darn Dou, Fu Hok Doy Lin, Sai Seoi Ging
Completion of Style: Other Taolu and Dui Lian bare-handed and with weapons of style.

Supreme Summit Style (Method of Li School)
of GM° Kuang Haijun di Lanfang ( Zhang Shaotang lineage )

Level A1: Fundamentals, Tài jí lǎo bā shǒu fǎ, Tài jí lǎo sān tuī, Zhangzhuanggong, Baduanjin
Level A2: Tài jí lǎo sān tuī
Level A3: Tài jí liuhe fēng mó zhǎng, Yìjīnjīng
Level B1: Tài jí liuhe fēng mó zhǎng
Level B2: Tài jí quán wǔ xíng chuí
Level B3: Tài jí quán wǔ xíng chuí
Level C1: Tài jí bā fǎ jī mén quán
Level C2: Tài jí bā fǎ jī mén quán
Level C3: Tàijí Dāo
Completion of Style: Other Taolu and Dui Lian bare-handed and with weapons of style.

Supreme Summit Style (Method of Chen family)
of GM° Tang Tungwing di Hong Kong (Wang Xi’An lineage)

Level A1: Fundamentals, Wang Xi’anTàijí 8 Shi, Zhangzhuanggong, Baduanjin
Level A2: Wang Xi’an Tàijí 24 Shi, Chansi jìn liànxí
Level A3: Wang Xi’an Tàijí 24 Shi
Level B1: Tàijí Lǎo jià yī lù, Chansi jìn liànxí
Level B2: Tàijí Lǎo jià yī lù, Yìjīnjīng
Level B3: Tàijí Lǎo jià yī lù, Yìjīnjīng
Level C1: Lǎo jià èr lù, Yìjīnjīng
Level C2: Lǎo jià èr lù, Chen shi Tàijí dan dāo, Tàijí Qì gōng
Level C3: Lǎo jià èr lù, Chen shi Tàijí dan dāo
Completion of Style: Other Taolu and Dui Lian bare-handed and with weapons of style.

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Whoever wants to learn seriously the Gongfu and Taijiquan, and be part of our big family, is always welcome.