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Cheng Baguazhang

Move like a dragon, roll like a monkey, change like an eagle.
Circle, squeeze, hit.
Continuous palms and swimming body

Combat in a circle

Baguazhang is considered to be the most circular system of Chinese martial arts.
Its distinguishing feature is the constant movement, rapid changes and the ability to fight while on the move.
Where most martial arts engage with an opponent in a frontal stance, a bagua fighter can attack or defend as he walks and changes direction at the same time.
Bagua practitioners walk in circles during practice and maintain static postures as they walk, using many palm changes.
It is a complex martial system that includes many kicks, strikes, throws, grabs and the use of many weapons.

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Shifu Maurizio Zanetti


We are the authorized representatives for Italy of GM° Tang Tungwing, disciple of GM° Liu Jingru (of whom M° Zanetti is also a disciple).
The Baguazhang style of GM° Liu Jingru has maintained a very evident martial spirit, and Master Zanetti retains this aspect.
BECAUSE only through continuous teaching with Great Masters you can truly learn a traditional style.
BECAUSE the TRUE knowledge is not improvised.


Jì bei yuan, qian xiong yuan, hukou yuan
The back is round, the chest is round, the tiger's mouth is round.


Yì wèi yuánshuài, yǎn wèi xiānfēng, shǒujiǎo wèi dāobīng
Use the mind as the supreme commander, the eyes as the vanguard, hands and feet as weapons.

Twisting hands and Twisting Body

Style program

  • 八卦趟妮步 Bāguà tàng ni bù
  • 八卦基础八掌 Bāguà jī chǔ bā zhǎng
  • 八卦八大掌 Bāguà bādàzhǎng
  • 八卦六十四掌 Bāguà liùshísì
  • 游身连环掌 Yóu shēn lián huán zhǎng
  • 八卦九宫掌 Bāguà jiǔ gōng zhǎng
  • 六十四手 Liù shí sì shǒu
  • 八卦劍 Bagua jian
  • 八卦刀 Bagua dao
  • 八卦战身抢 Bāguà zhàn shēn qiǎng
  • 八卦子午鸳鸯钺 Bagua ziwu yuan yang yue
  • 八卦棍 Bāguà gùn
  • 二十四式对练 Er Shi Si Shi Duilian
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